• Cloudzy recently introduced cryptocurrency payment solutions.
• The goal was to increase online anonymity and provide access to VPS from various regions.
• After two months, it has been revealed that the cryptocurrency payment solutions have been successful beyond expectations.

Cloudzy Introduces Crypto Payment Solutions

Cloudzy recently announced the introduction of cryptocurrency payment solutions with the aim of increasing online anonymity and providing access to virtual private servers (VPS) for users who do not have conventional means of payment.

Motivation Behind Implementation

The core rationale behind Cloudzy’s wide-scale implementation of their new crypto payment gateways was driven by the increasing demand for anonymous online services as well as access to VPS from users in countries and regions where such services were not previously available.

Positive Changes After Two Months

After two months, it has been revealed that the implementation of cryptocurrency payments has been a success beyond expectations, with an unprecedented number of new VPS clients coming on board from these previously underrepresented regions – almost all using cryptocurrencies as their preferred mode of payment. This is a clear indication that there was always demand for Cloudzy’s services in these areas, which could only be met through crypto payments.

Crypto Skeptics & Fans Interested Parties

When Cloudzy first implemented its crypto payment solutions, both crypto skeptics and fans expressed interest in seeing how they would perform. With enough time having passed now to properly evaluate the success or otherwise of this venture, early signs indicate that it has achieved its intended goals with flying colors.


In conclusion, it is safe to say that Cloudzy’s introduction of cryptocurrency payments has been a resounding success so far, providing increased online anonymity and global access to their services via VPS for previously unserved customers who prefer using crypto currencies for their transactions.

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