• Ripple (XRP) was the best performing altcoin last week, closing with a 2.6% gain in price.
• Cardano (ADA) ended the week with a 16% loss due to lawsuits against Binance and Coinbase.
• Overall, XRP seems to be well-positioned to break the key resistance of 53 cents while ADA could see further losses towards 30 cents support.

Ripple’s Performance

Ripple (XRP) has surprised the market by its strength over the past week, with most altcoins ending up in red yet XRP managing to close in green with a 2.6% increase in price. Volatility has also increased this week as buyers attempt to break higher but are being pushed back by bears. Looking ahead, there is strong momentum on the buyer’s side and XRP seems well-positioned to break through the key resistance at 53 cents, as indicated by bullish indicators on the daily timeframe which could turn this level into support if successful.

Cardano’s Losses

Cardano (ADA), however, is faring much worse than XRP. The price has made a lower low and closed off the week with a 16% loss as sentiment about Cardano is quite bearish at present due to US SEC declaring it security in lawsuits against Binance and Coinbase. Going forward, bears are likely to continue their assault as buyers must do their best to reverse the downtrend at 30 cents support or risk further losses for Cardano.

What Can We Expect From Altcoins?

Overall, we can expect more volatility from altcoins with Ripple having a better chance at breaking through its key resistance than Cardano reversing its downtrend and recovering losses. Investors should keep an eye out for any changes in market sentiment that could help determine how these cryptocurrencies will fare over time.

How Does This Affect Crypto Markets?

The performance of these two cryptocurrencies is indicative of what can be expected from crypto markets overall since both have been among the top performers recently and their movements will influence other coins too. Therefore investors should pay attention not just to price movements but also sentiment behind them when making decisions about entering or exiting certain positions in order to maximize profits or minimize losses accordingly.


In conclusion, Ripple continues to surprise us positively while Cardano may have taken a hit due their legal issues; however it remains uncertain how either of these cryptos will perform going forward so investors should stay informed about news related developments as well as tracking prices closely before entering or exiting positions on either coin for maximum gains/minimized risks respectively

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