• The Open Network (TON) is hosting a decentralized finance (DeFi) and Data Analytics Hackathon in collaboration with DWF Labs and Amazon Web Services (AWS).
• Participants will have access to virtual workshops, network with a vibrant community of Web3 builders, and showcase their ideas at the event finale.
• There are a total prize pool that includes 150,000 USD worth of Toncoin (TON), 150,000 USD worth of TON grants, and AWS Credits amounting to 115,000 USD.

The Open Network’s DeFi and Data Analytics Hackathon

The Open Network (TON), DWF Labs, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have come together to host an exciting hackathon – Hack-a-TON x DWF Labs x AWS – focused on decentralized finance (DeFi) and data analytics. This event provides aspiring developers with the opportunity to design, code, learn, and network as they bring their ideas to life.

Accessible Resources for All Participants

Throughout this hackathon event participants will enjoy access to virtual workshops led by experienced mentors from the fields of DeFi and data analytics. They will also be able to engage with a vibrant community of Web3 builders who provide invaluable insights into their projects. At the end of the event participants will be able to show off their ideas during the finale showcase.

Rewards For Winners

The winning project at this hackathon will receive investment from DWF Labs which can help them turn the idea into reality. In addition there is a total prize pool available which includes prize money worth 150,000 USD in Toncoin (TON), plus an additional 150,000 USD worth of TON grants as well as AWS Credits valued at 115,000 USD. TON is used for transaction fees on its blockchain network as well as for staking purposes in order to secure it further while deciding how it develops or settling payments.

Regular Virtual Workshops Available

Participants can attend regular virtual workshops throughout the duration of this hackathon where they can learn more about DeFi or data analytics from experienced professionals in these fields. Additionally they can get online assistance from AWS staff members along with mentors from both TON and DWF Labs who are always ready to answer any questions that may arise during development process.

About The Open Network

The Open Network is revolutionary technology designed unify all blockchains as well as traditional web 2 internet networks into one open system that anyone can use for transactions or payments without worrying about fees or security concerns associated with other blockchain networks like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

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